• Outsource to talents

    Have your projects done by professionals or students, and focus only on getting the best results out of it. You can publish your projects in Me2we service and search me2we service for the best talents.

  • Crowdsource to universities

    Have your projects done by a large group of students and focus only on getting the best results out of it. Me2we helps you to find the right teachers, and enables you to send projects directly to them through our platform.

  • Find the right talent

      Create Job Ads
      Share job ads
      Build your own Talent Pool
      Manage your Recruitment Processes

Outsource to talents

  • Create projects

    Publish interesting project opportunities and start working with the best talents

  • Recruit through projects

    Use short-term projects to find the talents you need for longer commitment

  • Use freelancers

    Build your own pool of capable and reliable talents that help you grow your business

Crowdsource to universities

  • Get work done

    Send your projects for universities around the world to come up with new business solutions

  • Fresh insight

    Collaborate with multidiversified groups of students when searching new ideas

  • Build employer brand

    Get involved with the universities to come across as an attractive employer

Find the right talent

  • Find talents

    Use Me2we talent hunting tool to find the right talent from our network

  • Build talent pools

    Build your own pools of interesting and promising talents from different fields of education

  • Manage recruitment

    Create work opportunities, share them in social media via Me2we and manage the whole recruitment process using Me2we talent recruiting tool