• Collaborate with companies

    Find companies that are willing to have students working on their projects. Agree on project details together with companies.

  • Opportunities for students

    Help your students to get employed by enabling them to work with real-life company projects while they study. Give students tips of available jobs.

  • Offer services

    Coming soon

Service for Teachers

  • Find course projects

    Improve your communication and collaboration with companies, and help students connect to corporate world

  • Encourage entrepreneurship

    Inspire your students by inviting entrepreneurs to visit your course lectures and seminars

  • Search opportunities for students

    Search our platform for available work opportunities and share them with your students

Service for research

  • Commercialize the research

    Find companies in need of already established research in their business development

  • Find companies to Collaborate

    Conduct new research together with companies

  • Search for partner researchers

    COMING SOON: Find fellow researchers to partner with